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Latin American Charity Organizations

    • The LATA Foundation – The Latin America travel industry in the UK is working together to support social and environmental projects throughout Latin America. Our projects are helping to transform lives, providing clean water, dental or medical support and practical training to provide people with new skills in Mexico, Central and South America.
    • La Vida – La Vida distributes grants for projects such as student scholarships, medical training, school expansions and community health education. We have an impressively low cost base with 97% of the funds raised going directly to our projects. Everyone working for the charity, including the trustees and executive committee, gives their time on a voluntarily basis.
    • Save The Children – Latin America – Save the Children works in Latin America to provide for some of the world’s poorest children. With a population of 568 million, nearly 25 % live on less than $2 a day. Save the Children works in these areas to help bring hope and possibilities into children’s lives, allowing them to thrive in the bright futures they all deserve.
    • Latin American Foundation for The Future – LAFF supports vulnerable and at-risk children and young people in Peru and empowers them to build a better future for themselves.To increase our impact, LAFF partners and supports local organizations in Peru which share LAFF ́s aims, principles and values with the purpose of increasing their capacity, self-sufficiency and sustainability.
    • Latin American Women’s Rights Service – We are a user-led, feminist and human rights organization that focuses in addressing the practical and strategic needs of Latin American migrant women displaced by poverty and violence since 1983. Our service users experience significant disadvantage as migrants, as women, and as members of a minority ethnic group that is invisible in the UK, even though Latin Americans are one of the fastest growing ethnic minorities in the UK. LAWRS’ mission is “to provide Latin American migrant women with tools to assert our rights, and pursue personal empowerment and social change”. We directly support more than 5,000 women annually through culturally and linguistic specialist advice, information, counseling and psychotherapy, advocacy, development programs, and workshops.
    • Latin American Disabled People’s Project – Latin American Disabled People’s Project (LADPP) is the only organisation in London devoted to serving disabled people from Latin America, Europe and Africa, whose first language is Spanish or Portuguese – as well as that of their carers, families and communities.Whether it’s through our services, projects, information, training, advice, advocacy, social and cultural events, and volunteering opportunities, the ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life for our users.
    • Latin American House – Latin American House was founded in 1983 and is a registered charity that aims to provide a space and support for Latin Americans, Spanish and Portuguese speakers in London and other communities in the local area.We offer legal and social advice in relation to benefits, immigration, family, housing, and employment law, as well as opportunities to acquire life-long skills and a place to meet people, share ideas and enjoy the rich culture of Latin America.
    • Latin Elephant – Voicing the concerns of Latin Americans in – Latin elephant is a charity that promotes alternative and innovative ways of engaging and incorporating migrant and ethnic groups in urban regeneration processes in London. We work with Latin Americans to increase their participation in urban regeneration.
    • IRMO | Indoamerican Refugee and Migrant Organization – For 30 years now, RMO has been a community-led organization that provides Latin Americans with tools and information in an empowering process to build fulfilled, independent, and integrated lives in the UK using a rights-based approach.Our work spans four main areas: Education, training and employment; Advice and case-work; Wellbeing; and Campaigning for the rights of all migrant communities.
    • Children Of Latin America – We organize various fundraising activities, where the money that we raise is to help children welfare projects across Latin America countries.
      COLA was founded in 2004 by the British veteran charity campaigner Ray Perrin. Under Ray’s chairmanship, the charity is run by a small multi-national team of volunteers
    • Latin American Children’s Fund (LACF) | A Children’s Charity – Since 1988, LACF has improved the lives of more than 15,000 children in dozens of schools and orphanages. We work through individuals and groups in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua to deliver aid directly to the needy. LACF is an all-volunteer organization. Your money goes directly to those in need. All donations are fully tax deductible.
    • Compass Children’s Charity – Compass Children’s Charity is a UK, non-governmental organization dedicated to the rehabilitation and defense of street children and victims of trafficking in Latin America. With program partners in Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico they provide services to 10,000 children a year.Compass Children’s Charity is providing advocacy, capacity building and funding support to partner programs in Latin America. In the UK we provide community education on street children and provide suitably qualified volunteers to Latin American field programs.
    • Carila.org.uk | Latin American Welfare Group – Carila is a registered charity. It was created in 1985 with the aim to improve the lives of the Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese speaking community in London. It set out to provide free advice, interpretation and advocacy for the Latin American Community in London. Carila runs a range of services such as a helpline that provides information in the areas of welfare benefits, housing, education, health, employment law and immigration; interpreting services; cultural activities and Spanish classes for children. All our services are free and confidential.
    • LAWA – Latin American Women’s Aid – We are a free support service for Latin American, Black and minority ethnic women and children experiencing, or recovering from, domestic violence. We welcome women from any background, ethnicity, sexuality or ability, including trans* women.
    • Latin American Association – Based in Atlanta, Georgia, and ranked with 3 stars by Charity Navigator, Latin American Association states: We bring the American dream to life by serving the needs of immigrants from Latin America in metro Atlanta with a full spectrum of services and programs that help families adapt to their new country and integrate into the community. We help Latinos overcome challenges so they can be all they can be. We offer Latino women, men and children the tools and resources they need — including immigration legal services, English classes, emergency assistance and computer literacy courses in Spanish, among many others – to achieve their fullest potential, ultimately empowering them to become self-sufficient and thrive.

  • Washington Office on Latin AmericaRanked by Charity navigator with 4 stars, WOLA is focused on Advocacy for Human Rights in the Americas, committed to defending Human Rights advance social justice in latin American countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Cuba, Uruguay, Venezuela and the Americas. WOLA states: WOLA is a leading research and advocacy organization advancing human rights in the Americas. We envision a future where public policies protect human rights and recognize human dignity, and where justice overcomes violence. WOLA tackles problems that transcend borders and demand cross-border solutions. We create strategic partnerships with courageous people making social change—advocacy organizations, academics, religious and business leaders, artists, and government officials. Together, we advocate for more just societies in the Americas.
  • Sociedad Latina – Since 1968, Sociedad Latina has worked in partnership with youth and families to create the next generation of Latino leaders who are confident, competent, self-sustaining and proud of their cultural heritage. Sociedad Latina is a citywide organization that focuses on supporting the unmet needs of youth and families from Boston’s Latino and Mission Hill/Roxbury communities. This Boston based charity is ranked 3 stars by Charity Navigator.
  • Voto Latino – Voto Latino is a pioneering civic media organization that seeks to transform America by recognizing Latinos’ innate leadership. Through innovative digital campaigns, pop culture, and grassroots voices, we provide culturally relevant programs that engage, educate and empower Latinos to be agents of change. Together, we aim to build a stronger and more inclusive democracy. This Washington, DC based charity is rated three stars by Charity Navigator
  • National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health – Based in New York, the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health (NLIRH) is the only national reproductive justice organization dedicated to advancing health, dignity, and justice for the 26 million Latinas, their families, and communities in the United States. NLIRH was founded in 1994, the same year as the founding of the reproductive justice (RJ) movement. Since then, the organization has grown to meet the evolving needs of an increasingly diverse and powerful Latina population. NLIRH uses policy change, culture shift, relationship building, and leadership development to advance a reproductive justice agenda informed by the priorities and experiences of activists on the ground. We focus on three critical and interconnected areas: abortion access and affordability; sexual and reproductive health equity; and immigrant women’s health and rights. Simultaneously, NLIRH seeks to build the power of Latinas throughout the country through community organizing, civic engagement, and training and leadership development. Through our multi-pronged approach, NLIRH is able to create change on a multitude of societal levels, including the personal, local, national, and cultural, and has made a real difference in the lives of Latinas and immigrant women around the country.The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health (NLIRH) is a national organization with headquarter offices in New York City and Washington, D.C., and field offices in Virginia, Texas, and Florida. This charity is rated 3 stars by CharityNavigator.com

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