America is a very picky eater

About Feeding America

Here is the actual story behind the Feeding America website. My friend has been visiting me recently, and her nickname is America, and every week she tells me she is hungry, and has no food in her apartment. So I say “Come over!” but when I try to feed her, she does not like the food I have. She even dislikes cheese. Who hates cheese? And fruit, can you believe that? She is from Latin America, part of North America (Americans forget that there is more to America than simply the continental USA) and is a very intelligent student studying very hard in the legal field, under constant stress, and she always seems to have no food in her Apartment. However, I could barely find anything she liked to eat, except ice-cream, which is not a real food, just sugar. I tried to get her to eat anything I had in my apartment, with little luck.

Myself, I actually eat healthy, for example consuming almost no sugar or white bread, but eat daily banana, raisins, almonds, cheese and yogurt daily, drink tea, almond milk and eat a bit of fish daily and not much red meat. I even eat Avocado and most fruits.

Because it seemed so unusual that she was such a extremely picky eater, I thought why not make a website about it, and also highlight the need for food and nutrition in Latin American countries. She also needs money for food and books, so I will put up a “Fund Me” link. Luckily, her tuition is paid by a relative. So every week, I will put up videos on what she did and did not eat. I hope that I will discover a good nutritious food that America does not know she will like. She does eat hamburgers and Chicken, but obviously that is not enough for a balanced diet. Fruits and Vegetables are also necessary, I believe.

And now I have a another friend doing this as well – Andrea. She is also a bit skinny, underweight I believe and studies to be a vet assistant (working with animals), with the hopes of becoming a full vet and save animals. This week I found out that the transit police impounded her motorcycle because she was not riding with the required reflective jacket with the license plate number on it, then they found out that her tires were about shot. ( everyone in Latin America here has small motorcycles for transport, as they are very economical on gas and affordable ) and she is pretty upset and worried about getting it back.

I apologize if anyone dislikes her being topless, but there is a lot less mess this way and I intend to help these two girls and maybe additional people if possible! Each of these girls also has no father to help support her and not enough income in either family to cover their needs. And in case you were wondering, they do not drink, buy any fancy clothes or waste money in clubs, these are very nice, hard working full-time students with serious workloads and no time to spare. Will you help, Please?