America is a very picky eater

America Loves Bananas


Most of us know bananas are rich in potassium, packed with vitamins, and high in flavor. However, there are plenty of other unexpected reasons to love this popular fruit.

For the health nuts, that we all think we are:
Bananas are a nutritious snack option at about 100 calories a serving. But, they’ve got much more than that going for them. The average banana contains three grams of fiber.

For the partier:
They have high levels of potassium. This is one of the valuable electrolytes your body loses on a night of night drinking.

Intellectuals know:
Bananas release energy slowly, so they help the brain stay alert for longer.

Athletes know:
Every banana contains three different kinds of sugar. Glucose and fructose are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, so they’ll give you an energy boost fast.

Men think they know:
The potassium and B vitamins are essential to sexual hormone production, so eating bananas is a great way to give your libido a lift.

Bananas Make You Happy!

Bananas contain tryptophan, a substance which the body converts into the feel-good hormone serotonin. No matter who you are, you’ll enjoy the calming effects and positive vibes from this natural mood enhancer.

Watching America eat a banana…..judge for yourself.

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