America is a very picky eater

Feeding America Cherry Jello


Welcome Back America. We haven’t posted a video featuring America for some time. Did you all miss her?

Today we put Jell-O Gelatin to the test. I am sure that virtually everyone knows what we are testing. Growing up we only had the dry mix in the cardboard box that was always in the kitchen. It is inexpensive and very tasty, low in calories (70 per serving) but not very portable.

JELL-O on the go? Done and Done. Visit the refrigerated section in most markets and you can find a 4 or 6 pack of portable snack cups. There are many companies that offer this packaging but the most popular has to be Kraft Jell-O. Grab a pack because these treats that are always ready to be enjoyed.

The Kraft product comes in 14 varieties so there is a flavor to appeal to most everyone. Remember, there is always room for Jell-O

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