America is a very picky eater

Tanya – Nestle Cereal Bar


There are many cereal bars on the market these days. Nestle has come out with their own Fitness Cereal bar that is geared towards an adult consumer. There are 4 varieties available; natural flavor, dark chocolate, strawberry and dark chocolate with orange.

The bar that Tanya tasted is the dark chocolate. The dark chocolate cereal bar is soft and chewy and has mini dark chocolate chips mixed in with the cereal, as well as a thin coating of chocolate along the bottom of the bar.

The cereals in these bars are made of whole flours.
The dark chocolate version has 43% cereal (26% wheat and 17% rice.)

In addition to the healthier whole flour they have added 9 vitamins and minerals , including calcium, folic acid and iron to name a few.

Tanya is a bit apprehensive to try these but lets watch and see.

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